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Child Labor in the entertainment Industry November 13, 2009

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Discuss with Tamil Mirchi your views on child labor in the entertainment industry – http://bit.ly/mirchifbdiscussion


We are on Facebook

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Tamil Mirchi discussions are on Facebook

Join in



Remakes and Tamil Cinema September 29, 2008

Continuing our discussion on-air on Sunday, we want to know what you think about remakes of other language films to Tamil and remake of Tamil movies into other languages. In the recent years, many of the hit Tamil movies have been remakes. Starting from young actors to Super Star everyone is a part of the remake industry.

Is it healthy? Are our directors and script writers not creative enough? That is just one aspect of the debate.

The other aspect is, that there are numerous wonderful Tamil movies in the recent years like Chennai 600028, Mozhi, Veyil should these movies be remade? Ghajini is being remade in Hindi, Nala Damayanthi, Alaipayuthey, Minnale are all movies that were remade in Hindi later on.

TheĀ  question is, what Tamil movies can/should be remade in other languages? Let us know your favorite movies that should be remade in the comment section along with the reason and your comments may win some cool gifts from Tamil Mirchi! Keep commenting and listening to Tamil Mirchi


September 22, 2008

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Houston Chronicle recently met up with Mirchi RJ’s and had some questions for us. And this is the article they had.

Take a look!


Hurricane Ike September 20, 2008

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We at Mirchi Group sincerly hope you and your loved ones are safe after Hurricane Ike. The Mirchi team is safe but for some damages to our homes. We are managing fine, as fine as we can without power that is. But we are back and will be on-air on Sunday – September 21st talking about Ike, sharing our opinions and of course open our phone lines for your experiences, comments and take on Ike!

Tune on to Tamil Mirchi on AM 1050 Sunday between 1 and 3pm


Indian Pride Wrap-Up August 18, 2008

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our Indian Pride poll either online or through our discussions on-air on Sunday. We had a wonderful time listening to your views and voicing our own. In addition, to much of the discussion on the web, we had a few new points like food, values, tradition, crafts, arts and role of women rise up during our on-air segment.

We hope you took a minute to think about our country and feel proud. And now for the coming week’s discussion, Icons of Modern India poll is open. Please vote and share your views. As always, your views can win prizes from Tamil Mirchi.

And last week’s winners – Balu and Anto please send an email with the Subject – Blog contest winners and your address to info at tamilmirchiradio dot com!

Congrats winners!

We also want to know what topics you would like us to showcase! Leave a comment and we’ll make our best efforts to bring them to you.


Icons of Modern India August 16, 2008

Tell us your views,

Who do you think are the top 10 icons of modern India?