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Greatest Pride of an Indian August 13, 2008

I thought about what makes me proud to be an India! There are numerous things I love and admire about India.

Now vote for the ones which you think are the greatest pride of the present day Global Indian citizen. Ofcourse I know it will be tough to choose one single answer, so you can vote for any 3!

Do vote and voice your views!

Your views can win you a gift from Tamil Mirchi!

Editing to add: The other options voiced by voters so far are, 1) Culture 2) The Indian Soldier 3) Reservation Policy. What is your take on these? Be loud and vocal about it!

Poll closes on August 17th at 10am CST. Discussion regarding the same will be on-air at 1050AM Houston on Sunday August 17th between 1 and 3pm. You can stream it online and listen it at http://www.tamilmirchiradio.com


19 Responses to “Greatest Pride of an Indian”

  1. ibrahim binshahbal Says:

    nice article.

  2. Balu Says:

    It is annoying to find “Aishwarya Rai” and the likes in the list. Where are Mahatma, Amartya Sen, MS Subbulakshmi and similar names? In the end, no single individual makes me proud of India. What makes me proud is the “Resiliance and Toughness” we show to overcome the enormous odds and corruption, and still be a global contributor.

    I voted for IIT/IIM, but it is also sad that we do not have good primary education. It is the single big mistake Nehru made during his days.


  3. Halla Bol!…

    This August 15th we as a nation will complete 61 years of independence. Independence from British imperialism and a period of exploitation of the country, its resources and therefore its psyche. The Indian Psyche was crushed under the fierce desire of…

  4. Balu Says:

    The fact that India has been a melting pot of various cultures for past 2000 years makes me Proud. We are very different people living together as a single nation. We are working (although flawed) example of what “Vasudhaika Kutumbakam” can look like.

  5. mirchigirl Says:

    Well said Balu! This poll is an idea I stole from rediff.com and like u I was taken aback by seeing cinema actors on the list (they did not have Aishwarya or Rajinikant but had SRK) so I just wanted to see what people think.

    And I am so glad you pointed out correctly and specifically the missing names! Ofcourse the choices I provided are no way comprehensive. There is one choice I deliberately left out and I am hoping someone brings it up and talks about it also.

    The poll will be open till Aug 17th 10am CST so I am sure we’ll have more interesting comments and opinions! Your opinions could win a prize from Tamil Mirchi so take the time to voice your views right here.

  6. Anto Says:

    I think the greatest pride for any indian even inside or outside our country would be the culture…. where ever i had gone… people talk high about Indian culture… i really dont see any other country having so much of diversity and vibrance in its culture. Hence i suppose the poll should have had “Indian culture” as a choice…. However i voted for the indian farmers who form the backbone of our nation..

  7. mirchigirl Says:

    Wonderful Anto! I totally agree with you! To me personally the biggest pride of India is its heritage and culture. Culture is quite a big spectrum – dance, music, drama, art, customs, rituals everything fall into culture and people mostly forget them. You should have added culture as the other option!
    Thanks for voting and we appreciate your views

  8. Sunil Says:

    Interesting discussion. Personally the biggest pride is that it is the largest democracy, then comes our general education and then the IT industry. I know some of you would be surprised to see IT inductry, But think of the time just before the IT industry. Unemployment was at its peak. Eevry week, we would have BANDHS, Dharna’s, strikes. This is all because there are lot of people that did nothing. But once India (and Indians) saw the opportunity in the IT industry, we jumped on it and left the rest of the world way behind. Unemployment is not an an issue any more. I feel great that India transpired itself and tookup the challenge and lived up to it.

    Great disucssion.

  9. mirchigirl Says:

    Thanks for your views Sunil! You have brought a valid point. But at the same time, IT industry would not have bloomed in India without education. So I guess education and IT played/play a big role in shaping modern India. I am still surprised to see people stick with the listed options and not come up with anything of their own.
    Keep voting, keep discussing and tune on to Tamil Mirchi Sundays 1-3pm CST

  10. Rajan Says:

    I would say Indian culture is something I take great pride in. And since it was not on the list I added it and voted. I also realized voting for other category does not work with Internet Explorer. It works with Mozilla.

  11. Satti Babu Says:

    Great points, My pick has to be the education sector and for the largest democracy, is more of a farce to me than anything else. half the country never votes, and the rest is an amalgamation of rigging and bought votes by various parties where the idiom “survival of the toughest’ means more.
    Less than half the country voted for Congress and still congress is ruling roost forming an alliance with all inconsequential parties. the PM is more of a poster boy and seems like a man who is warming the seat for Rahul Gandhi.

  12. RJ Karthik Says:

    The IT industry is a phenom that started probably 10-15 years back. The railwways is a legacy inherited from the British. I like Balu’s point – resilience and toughness.

    I realise this is going to be controversial. But I think one of the things I admire most about India is its ‘reservation’ policy. Alright!!! I opened the Pandora’s box. I admit that it is being misused now for votebanks and what not! But looking back, the framers of the constitution had the foresight to include that and thats made a huge difference in the way the society works today. Look at whats happening in here in this country. The african american community, even though free, havent climbed the ladders of success as much as the lower classes in India. Through 61 years, we have moved so many people who didnt have any hope up towards a better life

    ps – I havent used the reservation system to my benefit in any way!! :))

  13. mirchigirl Says:

    @ Rajan, Thanks for the pointer about the browsers.

    @ Satti Babu, Without jumping into politics, it is amazing how diverse a country like India has managed to stick together, thick n thin through rather rough patches especially given the volatile situation surrounding us

    @Karthik, you sure did open the Pandora’s box. To a certain extent I do agree with you, reservations were needed 61 years or so back. But I think, it is high time that we take a closer look at the reservation criteria and see that it benefits the truly in need and the lower classes and not the people who have influence and money to fake certificates.

  14. mirchigirl Says:

    I just realized that when you vote for the option “other” and type in something, it cannot be seen by others. Currently the “other” options entered by voters are

    1) Culture
    2) Indian soldier

    So this brings us to another aspect. Are we as Indians proud of our soldier? Should we give them more respect and recognition? Do they deserve it?

  15. Den Says:

    Great! Everyone should be proud of their own heritage. I am a Filipino and I also take pride of being one.

  16. mirchigirl Says:

    Well said Den! We are obviously proud of our heritage but what makes it special varies from person to person and that is what we hope to find out using this poll!
    Thanks for dropping by!

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